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This is what  what our customers are saying:

"Just wanted to say how happy I am with yesterday's makeup ssesion!!! I really felt that I looked like me only beautifully made up! When I got home my husband really loved the way I looked as well as Meghan and my daughter Sara. As a matter of fact in the light in my bathroom, I liked it even more! So I just want to say thank you, and I am so excited that everything has fallen into place.......hair, makeup, dress, shoes, etc.
I look forward to seeing you later in June!:-)
Annette Bassett May 2012

"We all try not to be on the bottom of our to-do lists these days. As a single working Mom of three, I do the best I can to take care of myself but there isn’t always time. One great treat I give myself whenever possible, is a spa treatment from Lisa DeMarco at Beauty & Beyond Spa in Reading.
Lisa is an Esthetician with 15 years in the industry, but what that translates to is: she takes care of you for a change! All of the services I have been treated to have greatly improved my problem skin and helped me de-stress from my hectic schedule. Facials are my favorite, but even something small like an eyebrow wax can give me a lift.
Do something great for yourself and give her a call. You deserve it!
Jen Murphy September 2011

"Lisa DeMarco of Beauty and Beyond transformed me on my wedding day. She spent a lot of time with me in preparation for my wedding, provided amazing skin care and worked with me on my make up preferences. She even traveled, out of her way, to help me become a beautiful bride. I received compliments on my makeup all day long! I would have Lisa do my skincare and makeup in a heartbeat. My mother and my maid-of-honor loved their make-up as well. Lisa is creative, understanding, and very professional."
Jamie N. 2010

"Lisa, It was lovely to meet you, I want to thank you for your positive spiritual kindness. Having severe acne scars has always made me feel unattractive. You took the time to teach me how to camouflage those scars and educate me on services that I can do to help minimize them. You made me feel very comfortable and now I hold my head up high."
Claire W. 2010

"Lisa has been my esthetician for over three years now and I have been happy will all of her services. From chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion, facials, waxes and general makeup tips, Lisa is an expert in her field. She knows my skin type and my personality and is able to provide me with a relaxing visit perfectly tailored to me. For my 10 year high school reunion, Lisa did my makeup and I can say that I felt great walking into my reunion knowing that I looked just as good as I did in high school. Lisa also helped me get through my 30th birthday with a chemical peel and a full body wrap and it was the most relaxing birthday I have ever had. Lisa's spa is so relaxing and open that I have found myself falling asleep while getting facials. I would recommend Lisa and her services to anyone looking to make themselves feel and look great!”
Nicole C. - November 2009

“The experience you receive from Lisa's Beauty and Beyond is wonderful. Lisa is so professional and personable giving her clients a relaxing oasis away from the stresses of the real world as she works her magic to improve your skin.”
Susan - October 2009

“I have been going to Lisa for seven plus years and she is excellent. Lisa has done waxing, nails, body treatments and facials for me. I have purchased skin care products and make up from her which I have been extremely pleased with. Lisa's attention to detail is second to none and I am happy to say I have referred several friends and colleagues to her. Each person I have referred to her, raves about her service and is now a regular customer. I strongly endorse Lisa DeMarco of Beauty and Beyond.”
Anita F. - October 2009

“I have been an extremely satisfied customer of Lisa Demarco’s for the past 10 years! Lisa is very professional, competent in her field and also possesses a wonderful engaging personality. The product line Lisa uses is second to none. Every time I’ve left her salon “Beauty & Beyond” I can honestly state I was 110% pleased with her services!”
Doreen T.- October 2009

“Lisa offers her clients exceptional service in a very soothing and relaxing salon atmosphere! I love her!”
Rina A.- October 2009